Presentation Topics

Peter is able to provide presentations on different topics:

  • ITIL Implementation approaches
  • COBIT Overview and approach
  • ITIL Change Management
  • Executive Management Overview

These presentation can be combined with an Apollo 13 ITSM simulation.

Current presentation for 2013

Driving Miss Daisy took too long.
It takes too long for IT organizations to adapt to the requirements of their customers. IT Organizations focus on Incident Management, BYOD, Social Media, Cloud Computing. They utilize frameworks like ITIL, COBIT, etc… Unfortunately there is a best before date for these internal focused improvements. and yes… even BYOD is internally focused.
Be focused on designing the correct service experience. Drive changes directly focused on revenue. And keep it simple. Driving Miss Daisy was a story of building a relationship in 20 years. You do not have 20 years … Let’s discuss the next 20 days.